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Food for Your Soul

Fresh Bit3s is a thriving company in the Hill Country designed to meet all of your food needs.  Weddings, parties, family events or gatherings, BBQ’s, special evenings, or just an everyday break from the kitchen.  Gourmet or casual, whatever your food situation calls for, Fresh Bit3s will deliver real homemade food to your door.  Call me–I would love to be of service!

About The Chef- Michelle Blaylock

I guess my story starts like a lot of chefs.  My mom, rest her soul, was such an amazing woman.  She was kind,honest,hard-working, and so very loving.  She was not a great cook!  Who am I kidding, she wasn’t even a good cook.  I remember her saying to me often, “I only eat to survive, I do not like to cook.”  So at a young age, I was put incharge of the kitchen.  I threw my first Italian party at the age of thirteen. For my family, a party of ten, I created a Caesar Salad, Chicken Parmesan and spaghetti.  Dessert was a somewhat homemade Cherry cheesecake that after all of these years, I have definitely improved on the recipe.  My love for cooking and throwing parties began.


     I have been in the business from a professional point of  view for about 35 years.  Starting with the service industry including bartending.  I then moved into the kitchen where I cooked, planned menus, ordered food and eventually graduated into management. I have been honing my skills in the Hill Country for the past 10 years.  I have planned food venues for weddings, weekend gatherings, family events, BBQ’s, special evening occasions, etc.  I have skills in all aspects of cuisine and would love to be a part of your next party, event, or special food occasion!

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